The Most Common Cancers and How to Spot Them

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Most people know someone in their family who has either been diagnosed with or died from cancer. After all, this deadly disease has already claimed the lives of millions across the globe. Thus, the earliest doctors diagnose cancer, the sooner the treatment begins. Only an early diagnosis of this disease can help doctors treat it. According to research, there are over 100 different forms of cancer. 

And some of them are more deadly than others. Cancer affects everyone differently according to gender, age, region and even ethnic group. Below, we have mentioned the most common forms of cancer and how to spot them:

If reports are to be believed, as many as 0.27 million women in the US alone will be diagnosed with this form of cancer in 2020. The usual signs include a lump or mass around the breast. However, it could also travel in the armpit or around the collarbone. 

Though most lumps aren’t breast cancer, you still need to get tested timely. Swelling in the breast is also a strong symptom of breast cancer. Still, having these signs doesn’t mean one has breast cancer. It is important to check with a doctor and get responsibly tested. 

This is yet another major form of cancer that has killed millions of smokers in the past. The usual signs of lung cancer include shortness of breath, bone pain, regular lung infections, persistent cough and losing weight without trying. 

Most patients will also lose their appetite and suffer from frequent headaches. The worst is when a person pukes with traces of blood in them. Around 0.28 million people in the US have been diagnosed with this form of cancer. 

This form of cancer includes squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Both of them have emerged as the most commonly grown types of cancer. It affects more than a million US citizens every year. The exact number is unknown since many people are afraid of getting tested. 

Some signs include smooth lumps of a certain color, sores that don’t heal and scaly red patches. Some patients also complain about having pink growths on the skin. 

According to a recent estimate, as many as 0.19 million cases have already been registered, and the number keeps growing. Some signs include having a problem holding back urination, uninterrupted urine flow, and even being unable to urinate. In some cases, one will often have to pee during the night. 

Changes in ejaculation and a decreased amount of fluid are also vital signs. This is why millions of men seek treatment every year. Thus, they visit the immunity therapy center to regain their body energy after the cancer treatment.

Although the number of cases hasn’t been staggering, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this form is also increasing. A mole or a mark on the skin is a strong symptom of this cancer. Especially if you have a mole or mark of red, white or blue color, it’s a strong sign. 

Plus, you need to check with a doctor if the mole itches a lot. They will examine your body and recommend the best tests to be done. And if things have gotten too far, doctors will provide immediate treatment. 

An estimated 81000 cases have been registered in the US and still counting. Blood in the urine is usually the first sign of bladder cancer. And even changes in urinating patterns could be a red flag. Especially if your urine is of strong color and hurts when peeing, you should get tested. Check with the most well reputable doctor around the area. 

Bladder cancer takes a big toll on overall health. And if left unchecked, it will also take a big toll on your sex life. Bladder cancer kills hundreds of men every year. Thus, it’s important to eradicate this issue as soon as it is diagnosed. 

The common signs of kidney cancer include blood in your urine, a low appetite, losing weight without effort, anemia, feeling exhausted all the time and a lump on one side of your lower back. This form of cancer affects a relatively small number of people, but the exact count is still unknown. 

Kidney cancer affects the overall well being of a person. If left untreated, it will stop making oxygenated blood in the body. 

This form of cancer has various symptoms such as fever, chills and feeling exhausted. Plus, the victim also suffers from losing weight without trying it. Plus, an enlarged liver and spleen are strong signs. Or if you are always bruising easily, it is a strong sign of leukemia. As of now, around 80,000 cases of this disease have been reported already. This has compelled people to look forward to getting tested on time. 

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